Sunday, 7 June 2015

Acupuncture- A great Stress Reliever

Everybody is so engaged nowadays in making wealth and in beating their rivals that they hardly get any time for themselves and their family. They work more than their capacity. As a result of that, they become the victim of stress. That stress affects their well being in a negative way. With this they run to doctors, who suggest them alopathic or modern treatment which suppresses the stress symptoms but makes the body immune system weak and much more prone to diseases.

Thankfully, we have now a harmless technique to conquer this stress in our body, i.e. acupuncture therapy. This treatment is a Chinese healing art which uses superfine needles inserted into the different pressure parts of the body. According to its theory, an energy flows through our system in the channels known as meridians. These meridians lie all over the length and breaths associated with body and offer energy to our nervous system. On these meridians rest the acupuncture points which have connection with many body organs. In the particular situations of stress, blood and energy flow is fixed which results in stagnation.

Stress causes flight or combat response in the body because of which blood stress hormone and cortisol, is released and lead to make a person feel discomfort, anger, frustration, difficulty throughout sleeping, tension in muscular tissues of neck and shoulders that lead to depression, pain in limbs including headaches, premenstrual symptoms in girls, bowel's syndrome etc. This increases blood pressure and makes disease fighting capability weak. Due to these bodily harmful processes, a person feels hatred towards life and looses the actual zeal of living life.

When acupuncture is conducted on a stress sufferer, tissues and muscles receive activated energy chargers that help in movement of chi (inner energy) as well as the blood. Acupuncture stimulates brain to produce stress suppressing hormone, endorphins and serotonins which in turn causes a deep relaxing feel from the mind and that helps in reducing the stress. It also helps to lower the degree of cortisol in blood and removes toxic substances by improving blood flow. It reduces sympathetic neurological activity thus lowering blood pressure and pulse rate.

Someone feel relaxation in just one session only that continues for 30-60 minutes. A lot of people may fall asleep over the treatment. In standard, a regular acupuncture remedy for stress symptoms provides the best results and enables you to feel alive again. Using this, muscles movement is boosted thus tension and firmness will be released that causes pain in the shoulders and other areas of the body. Acupuncture provides a great comfort for headache and migraine problems. It increases the blood flow and provides tissues much more of oxygen and makes them work increasingly. Regular yoga, relaxation, healthy thinking and wholesome diet also help in stress reliving.