Sunday, 1 February 2015


Image result for year of sheep 2015This year, Chinese New Year is on February 19th. Red is considered a lucky and auspicious colour so have some fun wearing it, fill your fruit basket with juicy mandarins (find ones with the green stalks and leaves still on) and have a lovely dinner with family and friends.  It is the year of the Wooden Ram/Sheep/Goat.
It is important in Chinese culture to spring-clean the home before the beginning of the New Year, often referred to as "sweeping away bad luck".  Cleaning is believed to not only sweep away bad luck that has accumulated over the past year, but also creates a new environment for good luck to occur again.  Do not clean during the fifteen day holiday as you will sweep away the good luck you have already received (this included from February 4 to February 19).  
Once your house is ready to accept good luck, re-decorating with a red theme is a popular occurrence as it symbolizes good luck in Chinese culture.  Lotus flowers are a common decoration as well since they symbolize rebirth and new growth.  Mandarins can also be found in bowls throughout the home, they are considered the fruit of happiness.  Display them in even numbers, odd numbers are thought to bring unhappiness!
Image result for year of sheep 2015Image result for year of sheep 2015

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