Saturday, 8 November 2014

Great Recipe for Meatless Meatloaf

150gr brown onion, finely diced
1 garlic clove, crushed
150gr button mushrooms, sliced finely
1 red capsicum, finely diced
1 celery stick, finely diced
2 carrots, peeled and finely diced
salt and pepper to season
1/2 cup raw cashews and 1/2 cup raw walnuts
1/2 cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
4 eggs
1/2 cup each of fresh parsley and basil, chopped3 cups of gluten free breadcrumbs

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees celsius.  Heat a little olive or coconut oil in a large frying pan.  Gently saute the prepared vegetables over medium heat until soft.  Do not brown or burn the vegetables.  Season with salt and pepper.
Place the nuts and seeds in a food processor and gently pulse until just combined (you don't want them to be too fine, they need to have texture).  Put the nut and seed mix with the vegetables and then add the beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.  Mix well  then add chopped herbs, stir through.
Line a loaf tin (approximately 30cm x 17cm with bake paper.  Press the mixture into the loaf tin and cover with another sheet of bake paper.  Press down firmly, then remove top paper layer.  Bake in oven for about 1 hour.  Cool in loaf tin.  Slice and serve with salad or vegetables.  
Great nutritional value and very filling.  Good for picnics or use left-overs for lunch.  Based on a recipe from Dr Libby's Real Food Kitchen.

Listen to a bit of sax with Gato Barbieri while cooking!  Here is the link.

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