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Goji berries Anti-ageing Herbs

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Lycium Fruit/Goji Berry/Wolfberry/Gou Qi Zi

Goji berries are used in Chinese Medicine to tonify Liver and Kidney Yin, strengthen the Lungs and stop coughing.  As an anti-ageing herb they are high on the list of tonic herbs.  They improve the eyesight and keep the skin youthful.
Scientific evidence has shown that this super-fruit has antioxidant and immune enhancing activities as well as being a liver restorative. Packed with more nutrients than any other fruit they contain Vitamin C, iron, selenium, all the essential amino acids, carotenoids, 21 trace minerals, calcium and zinc.   They are a member of the nightshade family and originate from Tibet and Mongolia.  Although new to western countries they have been used as a food and a Chinese herb for thousands of years.
Goji and Juhua Tea
2 teaspoons goji berries
4  juhua flowers (chrysanthemum flowers - available dried from Asian supermarkets or specialty tea shops)
1 teaspoon green tea leaves

Bring water to the boil.  Let it cool in the kettle for 5 minutes.  Infuse the tea with the boiled water in your teapot.  Let it steep for 10 minutes.  Drink and enjoy daily to improve vision, relieve tired eyes and to cool down during menopause.
Chrysanthemum clears heat and is beneficial for red, itchy eyes, conjunctivitis and tired eyes.
Green tea is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2 and C which are both important for eye health.  Nyctalopia (night blindness) benefits from Vitamin A and this vitamin is also important for lubricating the eyes. 

Goji Trail Mix (Great for vision enhancement)

Combine equal quantities of goji berries with sunflower seeds, pepitas, pistachios, almonds etc.  A small amount each day will keep your eyes and skin in tip-top health.

Try adding some goji berries to your breakfast oats, soups, stews. 

Contraindications:  Do not use if you have a cold or flu, best to wait until you have two days of being symptom free.  Check with your practitioner if on blood-thinning, blood pressure or diabetic medications.

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