Saturday, 27 September 2014


Silently, billions of bees are dying off and our entire food chain is in danger. Bees don't just make honey -- they are a giant, humble workforce, pollinating 75% of growing plants. But in five days the US could move to ban the toxic pesticides that are killing them off.

Bees are vital to life on earth -- every year pollinating plants and crops with an estimated $40bn value. Without immediate action to ensure bees' continued pollination, many of our favourite fruits, vegetables, and nuts could vanish from our shelves and ⅓ of our food supply will be gone. 
Recent years have seen a steep global decline in bee populations -- some bee species are already extinct - beekeepers are losing a third of their bees each year. Scientists have been scrambling for answers. While some studies, often funded by the chemical companies, argue this may be due to a combination of factors including disease, habitat loss and toxic chemicals, powerful independent studies conclude neonicotinoid pesticides are to blame.
We have no time to lose.   This is not just about saving bees, this is about our survival. Sign the emergency petition now -- let’s build a giant global buzz calling for the US to outlaw these killer chemicals, before the honey bees are extinct.
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Monday, 22 September 2014


Sleep is important as our whole system needs time to repair and refuel.  Sleep disruption can be caused by many different reasons.  To develop a good sleep pattern we have to realign many patterns and cycles in the body.  Sleep and waking are one of the biggest natural cycles in your life.
Many people come into the clinic for insomnia.  Here are my 16 tips if you have trouble sleeping.
1.  This may sound weird but getting up 30 minutes earlier can actually help.  I realise if you aren't getting enough sleep this sounds counter-productive, but science has proved this is the single most effective strategy for insomnia.  Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and your body clock will change too.
2.  Don't go to bed unless you are sleepy.
3.  Don't nap during the day.
4.  Exercise, this helps relieve stress and remove toxins from the body and helps us sleep.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Do you know what's on and in your food?

Unless its organic we don't know that the food we are eating is probably loaded with chemicals.  Many of them are used in the production of food - drugs for raising livestock, pesticides, steroids, fertilizers etc.  Pesticides and fertilizers put a huge toxic load on us and the earth.  Pesticides pollute the soil, crops, rivers, groundwater and the people that work on farms, not to mention wildlife.  Some pesticides are deemed to toxic for Western countries and are then shipped off to Third World countries.  Because a lot of our produce is imported we ingest them if we are buying imported fruit and vegetables, whether they are fresh, frozen or canned.  
One way to safeguard against some of these toxins is to thoroughly wash fruit and vegetables before eating, especially if they are not organic.  Water alone won't cut it!  The white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide solution below, discovered in 1998 by Susan Sumner, is the best and least expensive way to remove harmful chemicals and is non-toxic.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Healthy Anti-ageing

In Chinese Medicine health is determined by your constitution (and how you preserve it), nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise and how you manage stress.  Having a good network of friends is also important for mental health and balance as is having a purpose.  Hobbies are recommended to give a balance to work/life.   So make sure you have something to wake up for each day.  

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Spring is here!

Spring is here but for some it is also hayfever season

Hayfever can be caused by dust, pollens, grasses, fragrances and moulds.  It can cause symptoms of red itchy eyes, watery nasal discharge, sneezing, itchy throat.  
Why do we get hayfever?
If your immune system is hyper-vigilant you can suffer from allergic rhinitis (hayfever).  Normally your body would disregard these pollens and grasses but sometimes our immune system can be out-of-whack causing discomfort for many at this time of year.  
An immune system that is overburdened by stress, toxins and poor nutrition can overreact.  The mucous membranes are at the frontline and typically react with sneezing, itchiness and water discharge.
How can we help naturally?
First course of action is a course of acupuncture.  Acupuncture is a great way to help the body restore its natural balance and build the immune system.  We can also look at diet and nutrition to see if changes need to be made here.  Sometimes a de-tox is essential.  Chinese herbal medicine can be prescribed for chronic cases.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Goji berries Anti-ageing Herbs

Let Food Be Your Medicine - stay healthy, beautiful and energetic with Chinese herbal wisdom

Lycium Fruit/Goji Berry/Wolfberry/Gou Qi Zi

Goji berries are used in Chinese Medicine to tonify Liver and Kidney Yin, strengthen the Lungs and stop coughing.  As an anti-ageing herb they are high on the list of tonic herbs.  They improve the eyesight and keep the skin youthful.
Scientific evidence has shown that this super-fruit has antioxidant and immune enhancing activities as well as being a liver restorative. Packed with more nutrients than any other fruit they contain Vitamin C, iron, selenium, all the essential amino acids, carotenoids, 21 trace minerals, calcium and zinc.   They are a member of the nightshade family and originate from Tibet and Mongolia.  Although new to western countries they have been used as a food and a Chinese herb for thousands of years.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Prawn & Quinoa One Pot Dish

An easy, peasy, quick week-night dinner.

I decided to make a quick dinner tonight.  I was thinking about having a break from eating
wheat and oats and found some quinoa in the cupboard.  Quinoa is an ancient Peruvian food, it is actually a seed from an ancient plant and was a staple in the diet of the Incas.  Today it has found fame as a superfood.  Quinoa is high protein, packed with vitamins, gluten-free and delicious.

3 Tablespoons olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 cup quinoa (I used a combination of white and red)
1/2 cup white wine or use 1/4 cup lemon juice
1 x 400gr crushed tin tomatoes
salt and pepper
750gr green prawns, peeled with tails on
1 carrot, grated
1 handful of snowpeas, remove stringy bits and cut in half on diagonal, as it looks nicer